Hockey for boys and girls aged 6-10

School Years 2-5

Firebrands under 10s is open for children (both girls and boys) aged 6, 7, 8, 9 and those who turn 10 during their school year (up to school year 5).

Whether your child has played before, or wants to pick up a stick for the very first time, we can offer the environment for them to have FUN while also learning and making friends.

Whether your child is a complete beginner, or has already been playing for a few years, we have experience, knowledge and coaches available to help them flourish.

In addition to training we often run, and participate in friendly game tournaments, either at our home pitch or other locations across Bristol. These are available to all children in the age group.

Please keep scrolling down for our training timetable, as well as some more information about our coaches.


Recent club success at under 10s

  • (March 2022) Winners of the Avon Junior Hockey League Shield Tournament (with our second team finishing as runners up), a mixed gender tournament with over 16 clubs involved.
  • (November 2021) Winners of the Avon Boys U10 In2Hockey Tournament. Progressed to the West of England Finals.
  • (March 2020) Winners of the Avon Junior Hockey League Plate Tournament (with our second team finishing as runners up), a mixed gender tournament with over 16 clubs involved.

Put simply, a fun, family-friendly evironment, where each child is treated as a individual, and given the time and expert coaching to grow their hockey skills.

Whether they are picking up a stick for the very first time, have had a few sessions in school, or are already playing often all are welcome, and every session is designed to fit the needs of all abilities.

They will all get plenty of touches of the ball and coaching. No child will ever be left out in cold, not touching the ball or getting involved.

We do this by breaking down sessions into small bite-sized pieces in small groups, and 1-on-1 activities. This means each child gets plenty of coaching contact time, while also getting time playing as a larger group.

Hockey is at the forefront of what we do. But, that is also just the tip of the iceberg. Each hockey session also includes a wide range of activites that will aid in your child’s overall development. Including; fitness, coordination, team-work and confidence.

In each session, we focus on a specific hockey skill; breaking it down and playing fun games in which they can begin to use what they’ve learned.

From the basics of passing and stopping to hitting, slapping and safely lifting the ball, within a few weeks each child will experience a whole host of new skills and have a lot of fun while doing it.

As part of the membership, each child gets a training session every week, and the option to play as many games, festivals and tournaments as available.

Our training sessions are generally split by school years (Under 8s; schools years 2 and 3, and under 10s; school years 4 and 5). Each group has at least 2 adult coaches and 1 jnuior coach at a minimum.

Games for under 8s and 10s are 7-a-side, with 1 goalkeeper and 6 outfield players. We enter a range of local festivals and arrange local friendly games with other clubs to give every child the chance to play if they want it.

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    High Quality Coaching
    At this age, coaching is extremely important. Not only because it often their first time trying or playing, but also because they are constantly looking to learn and overcome challenges. That is why at every session we have at least 3 (but often 4+) experienced coaches as well as older juniors who have been on the same journey themselves. This means we can work in really small groups, and help provide 1-on-1 coaching to help your child get as much out of playing as possible.
    Stage Not Age
    At Firebrands, it is just as important to us that we “stretch” children, as well as offering a fun environment with their peers. In simple terms this means where appropriate we will challenge them, either with specific skills, or by training in an older age group. This in in addition to the normal sessions. It is not for every child, as many will be at very different stages in their own development. But where you, and your child are willing and able, we will look to offer the right “stretch” environment for them, as well as continuing to play with their age group peers.

    Coaching Staff

    Ben M Roberts

    Lead Junior Coach

    Ben is the Head of Junior Hockey and the lead coach for the under 10s section. He has been coaching the age group for over 4 years, and continues to help the boys and girls as they continue to move up through the junior section.

    Our other coaches include;

    • Tom Crook – Under 8 & under 10
    • Ian Trudgett – Under 8
    • Matt Collins – Under 10
    • Anna Cranfield – Under 8
    • Kirsty Ramsey – Under 8

    Additionally, we have 6 older junior helpers (aged 14-17) who are learning how to coach and help the young players as others have helped them.

    Training Timetable

    All of our junior training sessions take place on the pitch we share with Bristol Grammar School, in Failand. We have a club house next to the pitch where parents can shelter from the elements in those cold winter months.

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